March 27, 2019 Off By Carly Sabata

Movies are known to be a big source of entertainment.  Many of us know to watch a movie either in a theatre or on Television sitting in the comfort of a home.  This is the old concept of viewing a cinema.  Together as a family, an outing for the movie was very occasional.  This required a lot of prior planning and scheduling to suit everyone in the family.

But today the concept of watching a movie has many different perspectives.  It too has a taken a turn in the modern era.  In the present time’s movies, can be seen on a computer, on internet services like Youtube and also by downloading it into a pen drive and connecting it to the Television.  In this way, it is not just about the many options that are available to view a movie on , but all these options also have many advantages to speak of.


Entertainment unlimited is something looked forward to by most of us.  Online viewing of movies is not only free but also unlimited.  There are no additional charges for the number of movies downloaded.  One need not worry about the cost in this process.

There is no fixed show time.  They can be viewed 24hours 7 days a week.  So, that puts an end to the wait for the weekend or a Friday release.  Any day can be a movie day.  It is not just the flexibility in time and day but also the place.  One need not confine him/herself to home.  Any place where one has to spend a good deal of time can be utilized to catch on a show missed out.  People are often seen making the most of it in airports, railways stations, trains, buses, public gardens, etc.  A most striking feature of this type of viewing is that the other people around us are not disturbed at all.

The levels of satisfaction remain the same as watching on a big screen in a theatre.  The public is not compromising on the quality of the video, audio or images.  Online movies are able to come up with the same superior quality as the big screen.

Online streaming also gives access to the ones which only found on a DVD.  Starting from the old classics of the black and white era to the latest releases can be viewed online.  Even kids can find the movies of their choice online which are yet to come on the DVD.


It is the most economical way of entertainment for the whole family.  It is easy to plan at short notice when everyone is home.  On a social platform, it brings the whole family together.  All of them can watch sitting in their best habitat and favorite seat.  It does not pinch the pockets as the accessibility is totally free of cost.

Time saved is money earned.  Online free viewing saves everyone’s time.  The time spends on booking of tickets, commuting to the theatre, waiting for the show to start, interval time is all saved by opting for this tech-savvy viewing.  And all is well that ends well!