Best Properties and the best Choices for Your Purchase

Best Properties and the best Choices for Your Purchase

December 26, 2019 Off By Napoleon Delmuro

You decide to participate in an auction. What is the process that you have to follow and what are the necessary documents? Make a visit to for the best results now.

For each house that goes to the auction, there is a sales notice where we find all the information necessary to participate in the auction. Widespread on the national territory there are also numerous associations of professional delegates many of them are notaries who have been dealing with this type of activity by a delegation of judges since 1998: these associations are perfectly structured to provide all kinds of information in person or even through them websites full of valuable information.

But let’s try to summarize the most important things to know:

  • Each participant must present, in the place and on the days indicated in the notice of sale, an offer in a sealed envelope and without signs of recognition, containing the indication of the price offered and a deposit fixed in the notice of sale normally 10% of the auction price and a photocopy of your identity document and tax code, as well as the other documents required in the notice which must be read carefully.
  • Anonymous presentation of the offer is not allowed, except by giving power of attorney to a lawyer.

Can the executed debtor submit an offer?

No, but his relatives will. How can you verify that this is the house I’m really looking for? Can you visit it first? Certainly, it is. You can ask to visit the caretaker with a simple online question on the ministry’s website or by asking the professional delegate for custody.

It is essential to visit the property before the auction also to become personally aware of aspects not mentioned in the report such as, for example, the environmental context, and ask for information on any prejudicial situations. It is also necessary to estimate that at the time of release, the conditions of the property could be worse than those described by the appraisal or found personally during the visit.

All the required documentation to who should it then be delivered?

Everything must be delivered either directly to the clerk of the court or to the professional delegated by the judge, whose study or association address is indicated in the notice. from 1998 to 2006 only notaries were delegated, while from 2006 onwards accountants and lawyers can also be delegated. In some Courts, a mixed delegation system is adopted for which the lawyer is entrusted with legal advice to the custodian, the accountant the allotment plan and the notary to draft the notice, manage the auction after collecting bids and the preparation of the transfer decree to be signed by the judge.

On the day of the auction, can you hope to get good at a lower price than the market price?

The possibility that the price of the auction base will fall represents one of the great opportunities of the auction system as it is possible to buy properties at advantageous prices. With recent legislation, the judge has the power to provide that starting from the 4th deserted auction, the price can be lowered by 50%. Many young couples today buy houses thanks to the auction market.