Change your electricity provider with low-cost Houston electricity rates

Change your electricity provider with low-cost Houston electricity rates

October 30, 2021 Off By Carly Sabata

It is crucial to understand your needs before choosing your electricity plan. There are short-term and long-term options available to you for Houston Electricity Rates . To provide stability and predictability, a longer contract may be preferable if you have a large family or permanent living situation.

An energy contract for one person or two or a temporary living arrangement is a good choice if you need only energy for one or two people. Look out for the unique plans that have added benefits when shopping for a plan. Electricity is sometimes free when you sign up for certain plans.

Choosing this option is very beneficial if you usually work all week and spend most of the weekend at home. You may also find providers that offer nightly plans. Nighttime plans can be an excellent option for someone who works during the day. This will give you access to free energy all night long. You can also choose straightforward electricity if you prefer.

Low rates and low bills

The Houston electricity rates from First Choice Power are the cheapest if you use electricity regularly. As its average rate is only 12.0 cents per kWh, its average bill is $118. Retail rates start at $4.95 and go up to 6.3 cents per kWh. It’s easy to leave the plan early with a $135 early termination fee. Early cancellation fees are especially high. Switching to another provider will likely not provide enough savings to make up for the penalty if you stick with the plan for a long time.

Change your electricity provider in Houston

You can compare electricity rates in Houston from various electric companies. Here are the steps to getting the lowest electricity rates in Houston.

Step 1: Compare electric rates and companies in Houston

We will show you the most cost-effective options within your zip code. Just enter your zip code.

Step 2: Analyze the details of the plan

Long and confusing contracts are often associated with energy plans. We filter plans that trick customers into bill spikes by not allowing teaser rates and tricky terms. Plan details appear at the bottom of every plan. This gives you a quick and easy-to-understand overview of the plan’s most important details.

Step 3: Transfer your energy provider to the new provider

When you have chosen the energy plan that suits your business needs, simply confirm your choice by following the prompts. You can view the status of your contract once you have completed the process.

Types of Houston Electricity Rates

A range of rates and plans are available from Houston’s energy providers. Despite the wide variety of plans available, they are in general divided into two categories: fixed-rate and variable-rate.

1. Electricity plans with fixed rates in Houston

Term-based plans have an agreed-upon price for the whole contract term. The rate will not change if the weather changes, natural events occur, or the market fluctuates. The term length for fixed-rate plans is generally six months, twelve months, twenty-four months, or thirty-six months. Most customers are recommended to choose a fixed-rate plan.

2. Electricity Plans with Variable Rates in Houston

Rates for variable-rate plans may change across the market on a monthly basis. These plans allow for more flexibility at the expense of price volatility. Your monthly electric bill may be affected by price hikes due to price changes. A variable-rate plan is not recommended in most instances.