Dog Food: Good, Better and the Best

Dog Food: Good, Better and the Best

March 29, 2020 Off By Leopoldo Gebhard

Is it better to feed the dog with a home-made ration, prepared from fresh ingredients, or to administer quality industrial products? It is a question that has long divided dog owners: let’s see, then, the pros and cons of the two choices. Visit for all kinds of Dog food items now.

Transformation of dogs

The evolution of the canine species has been characterized by a long series of changes, in structure, physiology and behavior, which have allowed man’s best friend to make an unparalleled social climb. From wild animal which it was originally, in fact, the dog became first of all domestic, then moved on to the role of working animal hunting, guard, herding, etc., pet animal and finally, and it is recent history, true and own member of the family.

This progressive transformation led him to modify the diet too, so much so that, despite being classified in the zoological group of Carnivores, in reality, the dog is now considered by many nutritionists to be a non-tight carnivore or even an almost omnivorous, that is, an animal that eats almost everything.

The pinch of History

Once upon a time, the ancestors of our dogs ate the remains of prey caught with man; then they adapted to accepting leftovers from our tables without problems, until the animal feed experts began to develop more balanced home-made rations respecting the dietary needs of the species, formulated starting from fresh ingredients. Finally, the growing habit of sharing existence with our companions with the tail has led to the development and then the boom of the feed production companies, to the point that, today, most of those who have a dog opt for prepackaged foods, often with the support of the veterinarian for choice.

Also because, by now, the feed sector offers a range so vast and specialized as to require a guide to orient yourself correctly and the veterinarian is, of course, the most qualified source of information also regarding the feeding of our friends, because food has a very important role for their health.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of homemade dog food?

The choice of the home diet for the dog implies the choice of individual ingredients to be weighed for each ration, to be often prepared one at a time and then mixed in the bowl. To do this you need a certain availability of time and also the desire to dedicate yourself to this type of operation. It is also essential to purchase products with supplementary action, for example, vitamins, mineral salts, chondro-protectors substances that protect the joints, necessary to guarantee our friend a complete meal under the nutritional profile. For most dogs, this solution is very welcome, even if the subjects who systematically refuse some fresh food are not so rare.

Pros and cons of packaged dog food: what to do when you want to avoid it

In most cases, the choice of a diet with industrial feed is absolutely practical and convenient, especially in an era like ours, in which it is necessary to try to optimize the time available, which is getting smaller and smaller. The feeds in question are ready, balanced, and complete and it is not necessary to add other ingredients. It should be noted, then, how this choice favors a reduction of waste and how the controls applied on industrial feed guarantee its quality and health level.