How the game should be played will be there any instruction provided before starting the game?

How the game should be played will be there any instruction provided before starting the game?

September 20, 2020 Off By Sarai Pellum

The only game that attracts many people by its graphics and mode of playing is the escape room. This game is more famous in Singapore. So it is called a singapore escape room . The main idea of this game is to escape from a room that contains more obstacles in it to hold up in the room. By using codes the gamer should try to escape the room. There will be run time for your game within the completion of time you should complete the game that means the gamer should escape from the room.

Inside the room, there will be a box that contains three to four interesting adventures. According to its difficulty, the order of the adventure is arranged because when the gamer starts playing he should feel comfortable with the game, and at first it should be easy to play only that he would like to move fast to the next level. If he knocked in his first try he would feel bored and will not move the next level in his game.

If you played once you cannot try again to start the game.

The adventure is separated into three-part when you find your code it contains three keys. The key should be entered in the Chrono decoder within the allotted time. If you enter the code after the time is over the decoder will not accept your code and you will be removed from the game. And the key should have the right code only that you can move on to the next level.

Before entering the game first read the instruction manual completely only that you will avoid making mistakes while the gameplay. After studying the instruction switch on the decoder and start your gameplay. Open the first box and check whether the content suits the instructions that are given in the downside of the box. Every key point will be useful in your game so always keep your eyes open and mark the important keywords. Once you found your code soon enter your key in your decoder and if your code is correct you can skip to the next part of the game.

When you enter your third code you will hear the victory theme at the same time you’re running time will stop. And if the code is incorrect you the decoder will warn you by bumping error sound. By entering the wrong code you will lose one minute in your game. And when you complete the first adventure don’t forget to remove the keys from the decoder.

Note that you should find 16 keys and the keys should have six different signs in it. If the keys have the same sign in it you have found the wrong key. Remember some identification like you will have the key with one square and another with circle shape on its head on both sides. And in some keys, there will be the right triangle symbol these shaped keys will only match the rhombus-shaped keys. While playing an escape room you should not be distracted from other objects. If you lose your concentration you will not able to continue your game. And the game will be more difficult for you.