How to Choose a Vase for Flowers?

How to Choose a Vase for Flowers?

August 15, 2019 Off By Napoleon Delmuro

In order to create a bouquet you always had to have a sufficient supply of knowledge in your luggage. Today, fortunately, there are specially trained specialists, florists, who are responsible for the competent preparation of flower arrangements. Getting the bouquet, our task is to store it correctly, and in this matter, the choice of a vase is of no small importance. Today, there are several rules that experts strongly recommend adhering to. Make a visit to for the best deals in this.

Let us focus on the canons.

Florists sacredly honor, for example, such a law: the height of the vessel should be one-third of the length of the tall composition. If you buy roses on tall stems, it is advisable to choose a vase that matches the height. Moreover, so that the flowers do not crumble, you can tie them below.

Choose raw materials

Vases can be completely different: from ceramics, bamboo, glass, porcelain and other materials. It is necessary to choose them based on such composition parameters as color performance, style, etc. Consider the following example. The composition of cereals or decorative sunflowers belongs to everyone’s favorite country style, therefore, it will look great in a vase woven from the stems of the vine, into which, for practical purposes, it is advisable to insert a vessel of ceramic or glass of the appropriate size.

Glass vases look pretty strict however, they are always elegant. They must be used for form-strict compositions that are designed in the same color scheme. Exactly in size and shape, the vase must be in harmony with the flower arrangement. When choosing a vessel, it is very important to find a compromise solution: on the one hand, the vase must adorn and complement the composition, on the other hand, does not distract attention from the bouquet itself.

If the bouquet is large, a large, but rather elegant vase is best suited. A low capacity will provide an opportunity to place large flowers in it on short stems, for example, hydrangeas. If you choose the wrong vase or flower pot, even the brightest and most refined bouquet can lose its qualities.

What to consider when choosing a vase?

For home use, you must have at least two vases of different sizes and shapes, but if you do not have the opportunity or if there is no place to store them, you can do one. But then it should be universal with a wide base, a narrower middle and a small narrow neck. Stems that are too long for such a vase can be cut, and if they are short, then you can fill in the empty space at the bottom with colored tracing paper or pebbles, and the length of the bouquet will immediately be leveled.

Long vases are suitable for tall compositions of gladioli, chrysanthemums and other flowers with a long stem. Please note that the vase, in this case, should be two to three times smaller than the composition itself. Very long vases emphasize the gracefulness of a small bouquet of flowers with long stems.

Low and wide vases are suitable for a volumetric and not high bouquet assorted. A wide base will not hamper the stems of flowers, and in general the bouquet will look more harmonious. Large stable vases are designed for huge bouquets and compositions that are usually presented for weddings, anniversaries, or for creating large-scale decorative compositions. Delicate flowers such as lilies of the valley look especially good in miniature white porcelain vases.