How to Make the Holidays More Enjoyable With Indoor Games

How to Make the Holidays More Enjoyable With Indoor Games

August 14, 2019 Off By Fernanda Fuscaldo

To offer the same activity to teenagers, you can increase complexity by making homemade lathes, for example by putting revolving disks on supports and trying to make the shape with this much more complex technique, which will test their skills. For more on this, you can click here now.

A nice alternative to creating objects starting from plastic material are the casts made with chalk: all you have to do is get some chalk in powder form, excellent the type that solidifies in a few minutes, put some in some glasses that you will give to children and add water. Let them mix until you get yogurt like consistency and, before it starts to solidify, make sure they strain it gently into the silicone molds, such as those used in the kitchen, possibly choosing pretty and child-friendly shapes. In a few minutes, they will get small plaster casts, perfect to be painted with imagination using tempera and brushes.

Master builder

From sculpture to architecture the step is short. Among the games that nurture the creative flair of children, there are those concerning construction and construction, which can be carried out at different ages, using materials of different sizes and characteristics.

Among the most famous there are the Legos, the nice coloured bricks that can be stacked on top of each other creatively to create many objects, such as racing cars, animals and buildings, but also real environments or more complex objects, often inspired by famous films and television series.

You can buy this kind of game for your children, where they have to recompose the figure on the box following the instructions and inserting the various pieces together, like a sort of three-dimensional puzzle. Be careful though to choose the ones most suitable for their age, because very often they are complex constructions, which also intrigue adults and collectors. In this sense it can be a good idea to buy one to give to the whole family for the Christmas holidays, to work all together on its construction, being careful not to lose the pieces and to respect all the joints.

The Ultimate Fun

With Legos, but also with other colored plastic or wooden bricks, a fun game for children to play indoors, to test their creativity and make them work in groups, can be to compose a creative figure in communion: put a box full of pieces in front of him, obviously compatible, but of different shapes and different types, and invite each child to fish what inspires him the most.

At this point you start, drawing two pieces at random and joining them, and then pass this construction embryo to a child, who will have to attach his piece to the point he thinks is best and so on. The game will pass from hand to hand to the next partner, continuing to take new pieces and to assemble them in turn to make sense of the construction, for a limited amount of time: it will be fun to see what will be the construction that will be obtained at the end, the result of the common coordinated work of all children.