Indian contemporary painting differences in the style of art

Indian contemporary painting differences in the style of art

December 10, 2020 Off By Napoleon Delmuro

Do you know? Some differences are there in the case of paintings. There are many symbolic representations are there in the case of painting. The paintings are looking simple but there are some hidden meanings are there in a deep manner. The art may contain various things according to the needs and then time. In some of the cases, the art might be extremely aesthetic.  Some case paintings are always different from one another like modern painting, contemporary art painting, abstract painting. Among those differences, the cultural differences and regional differences play an important role. Through Art Jamming Singapore we can learn from the experienced hand and the learning might appropriate with the best results. Through this concept, we can have an idea about the differences which have been noted in the case of Indian contemporary art style.

Watercolour painting in contemporary style: In this case of the watercolour painting, we could make use of the pigments suspended which are mixed into the water are painted on the canvas traditionally. These kinds of painting were painted on paper-like, vellum, plastics, fabric, papyrus, wood, bark papers, leather, and then canvas known as the base for the painting. While painting, to avoid the strain, often the base is made partially with the use of cotton. According to the size of the brush, we can make use of the colours. Because of these kinds of reasons we may say it as the brush painting. In the region of East Asia, the style of brush painting has been used.

Oil painting in the contemporary style: In the period of the fifth and tenth centuries, the medium of painting was used in the central part of Afghanistan by the painters. Towards the west side, the techniques have been spread over the middle ages and then this technique has been used widely due to the advantages of the technique. The oil painting on canvas has been made as to the best work in the period of renaissance. As the binding agent, the oil has been used along with the pigments in the technique of oil painting. The paints used in the oil painting provide a better texture over the painting but it is known to be difficult for users. The painting is traced vibrantly in china and India.

Ink Wash painting in contemporary style: Ink and wash painting has been invented by Wang Wei. During the Muromachi Era, the technique has been travelled towards Japan in the period around the year 1300. In the case of Chinese and then Japanese the ink and wash painting method has been used widely. The ink and wash method has been named as Mo-Shui by Chinese and then the Korean named it as Soomookwa as well as Japanese named it as Suibokuga or Sumi-e. In this case, the black ink has been used with the long-haired brushes which have been made from the wolves, sheep, rabbit, and goats. To get a different effect, different colours have been painted on the base with various shades. Through the use of the ink with various densities for the achievement of the effects. To get well versed in this kind of technique it could take more years.