Point in the correct aim

Point in the correct aim

September 29, 2020 Off By Fernanda Fuscaldo

Leaser is also known as an acronym. It’s invited in 1960. Theodore H. Maiman, he built the leaser light. It can singly travel a long distance. Leaser has an expanded form it’s known as Light amplification of stimulation emission of radiation. In 1960 the leaser was invited in the first in the huge research lab. When he created it has more power in the atom? The power was used in the ruby. And there is a laser quest  

The laser has three unique properties. Linewidth the leaser light must be narrow like a straight line. There was no turning in the leaser light. It must be so narrow. When we get it small and its range can be higher. The leaser has a single frequency and a single light with it. If we use the electric bulb it can give you a full-size room light when it’s a higher voltage but the leaser gave a sharp light but in the single round shape.

When we see the leaser light what shape it was it’s like a coherent beat, it means coherent light. It can be in only one direction all the time. And then the outer is called monochromatic light, when we see the LED light it’s also a monochromatic lite but it’s not that like power. The leaser must be so powerful compare to LED.

The power of laser light is so high. And nowadays the leaser was so useful to the military and the medical. The military can use the leaser for there weapons, so then it’s can give them a correct Target to Kill them, for medical it’s used for eye surgery, skin problem. Mostly it’s can use for eye problems so that it can give some power to the eye.

When there is a nucleus and the electron is there must be a leader light. Electron is Lowe from the high energy level when it passes from that then it will make them leaser power, in the long-range.

And also there was a game in the leaser, it’s so much fun and Adventure. In the game, we have one leaser gun and the vest. In the vest, there was a LED light in your shoulder, stomach, and in the back. If the leaser gun was hit your body three times the vest will be full and it will vibrate until you leave that room. Then it will turn off. The gun was attached with the vest so that we don’t want to put our gun down there. For this game, we want to above 5+ to play. The player high must be 120 centimetres above. That we can play the game for 40 minutes. They can separate their team and suit their name. If the win the game the team name was in the high scoreboard, and the who all are taken more points they can also get in the high point name board. It will make them the fun of them. When the children play this, they can pay attention to that game. And make there mind in the quick performance. It can be work fast and do that what the think and established that with others. In the game, we do not want to pull others, or we do not want to grab another gun.