The development and distribution process of mobile application development

The development and distribution process of mobile application development

June 6, 2020 Off By Carly Sabata

Mobile applications are generally offered with the process of downloading over the internet whether it can be manual or in some of the cases it can be installed automatically. On Android devices, the applications can be run through the android application package with the process of manual installation. And the mobile app testing companies and applications are installed for the information retrieval and then the general productivity aspects. Those applications are about the use of the calendar, email, the stock markets, contacts, and then the weather pieces of information. The rapid expansion has happened on the public demand, and then with the availability of the developer tools through the desktop application software package. Various challenges have been discovered and the explosion of the number and then the variety of apps discovered the creation leads to a wide range of reviews. And also the variety of the application leads to the curation sources, recommendations, review, magazines, including blogs, and then the online app discovery services over the process. In the year 2014, the government has regulated the agency to began with the process of regulating and then the curative apps and particularly with the applications that are related to the medical fields. With certain advantages over the official website, some of the companies offer alternative methods for the deliverance of the basic needed content over the application.

The mobile application development over the device:

For mobile devices, the need for developing the applications is the one that requires the consideration of restrictions and then the limitations of the devices. Only through the battery, the mobile devices have been running over, and they were considered to be the low power processor than that of the personal computer or desktop computer we make use of.  Not only the disadvantages but also the mobile devices have advantages like cameras, and then the location detector. Because of the high intense competition in the mobile software, the developer should have some consideration over the wide array of screen sizes, configurations, and then the hardware specifications and should focus on the changes that happen within each of the platforms. Those of the issues can become out with the easy processing of the overcoming with the use of mobile detection processing.

Distribution of mobile application:

For the process of downloading mobile applications, there are three app stores are available such as Google Play for the android devices, and then app store for the iOS devices, and Microsoft store for windows 10 mobile, windows 10, and also for Xbox One. In the year 2008, an international software Google play has been opened. And the software has been created for android devices by Google. Apples’ app store is not developed as the first app distribution service but it has been developed for the iOS applications but it was injected for the revolution of the mobiles and have been opened in the year 2008. And by the year 2016, the app has been reported with 140 billions of downloads. Steve jobs have demonstrated the original and then the first app store in the year 1993. In the year 2012, Microsoft has introduced the Microsoft store which is formerly known to be the windows store for windows.