The most interesting and scary things that crime scene cleaners do!

The most interesting and scary things that crime scene cleaners do!

July 13, 2020 Off By Fernanda Fuscaldo

Crime scene cleanup jobs are one of the scariest jobs on the earth. One has to be steel hearted to take up the job and be in the crime scene where dead bodies float all around in a pool of blood. They would require a great gut to see the unpositioned and scattered dead bodies and also deal with their blood and excretion. They will have to clean up the whole place where the crime scene has taken place. People with a light heart cannot do this because it is such a challenging job. This filed of crime scene cleanup jobs has just been increased within a few years. Earlier, in the 90s there was no job known as a crime scene cleaner. The member of the family or the friend has to do all the work pertaining to cleaning the house filled with the nasty smell of blood and excretion. And the saddest part is that they got to live in that place even after the crime scene. Some youngsters noted this challenge and established a company just for cleaning up the crime scenes.

These are some of the interesting and scariest things that a crime scene cleaner job requires to do:

  1. The scene is not just the body

Cleaning up the body away is not an easy task. Especially in the case of unattended deaths where the body will be in the decomposed state. These types of dead bodies will have a strong odor. Not only the body but also the belongings that they carried with them will also carry a strong bad odor. It is a tedious task to segregate the body and its belongings. Also sometimes in case of unattended deaths, the blood starts dripping away from the third floor to the first floor and it actually seems really chaotic and messy. So it is not just the dead body that needs to be cleared but also the damage it has caused in its surroundings will require a repair.

  1. This job requires great cleaning supplies

It is hard to remove blood stains, tissues of the body that has been spread. It is not just mopping the floor, it requires a lot of work. First, the cleaner should know where the blood is spread. They use a different type of chemical to identify the places where the blood has ben splashes. And they use different types of enzyme cleaner and disinfectants to remove the stains from the floor and the wall. While all this, the cleaner should ensure that he or she is safe from all the hazardous chemicals and the nasty odor of the in case unattended decomposed body. So, it requires a strong suit. This might also cost a few dollars.

  1. The odor stays

Some of the cleaners say that the smell of death remains with them and they get used to it. This might be the hardest of all. They should carry the smell of death with them. They will wear high protective suits which are also known as PPE that have respiratory masks that protect them from blood and airborne smells but still they say they can smell the death as soon as they open the mask.