The right security system: How to choose and what to choose

The right security system: How to choose and what to choose

June 27, 2019 Off By Fernanda Fuscaldo

Installing an alarm in your home is an effective way to reduce the risk of burglary. With so many alarm systems available on the market, choosing the one that best suits your home is not always easy. Now you can learn more here.

Which alarm systems are there?

The 3 main types of home alarm systems effectively protect against unwanted visitors. Depending on the model, however, they offer various functions, and some devices require a reliable Internet connection.

The traditional alarm system: This usually has a central control center in the form of a box, which is activated and deactivated by entering a code. This box is connected to detectors located at the key strategic points of your home: front door, balcony, back door, easily accessible windows. The simplest models make a loud noise and send an alarm text message to the owner or tenant of the house when they register an unauthorized intrusion. These models can also be connected to a call center, which also calls the police in addition to the owner. This option is available if you have a contract with a specialized company.

The alarm system is connected to the Internet: this system works like a traditional alarm but has the advantage of being able to be activated and deactivated from a smartphone or computer. Connected to the control center of the house allows the inhabitant, for example, to grant a friend access to his house during his holidays, without having to reveal his alarm code. In the event of a break-in, a notification will be sent directly to the reference smartphone as well as to the security firm when a contract has been concluded.

The alarm system with video surveillance: This is also connected to a control center in the house; it warns in the event of a break-in and transmits on the basis of live video on-site events to your smartphone. It also provides the ability to control the functions of your home anytime, anywhere. Choose a system with infrared light if you want to identify the person in the dark.

What should be considered when selecting an alarm?

Before deciding on an alarm system, ask about the following:

  • The price of subscriptions: They can vary greatly depending on the alarm system and service providers.
  • The ability to enable and disable zones: this is important if you want to connect your alarm at home. Some allow you to activate only certain sensors at the same time.
  • The sensitivity of the detection signal: Certain alarms detect if the intruder is a human or animal. This is important to consider when you have pets.
  • Compliance with standards and regulations of your insurance contracts. These may differ depending on the provider.

Depending on the type of alarm selected, the installation may be performed by you or by a specialist. Some smart home systems also include an alarm. These complete solutions for networked apartments are used in more and more new buildings.