A brief history of the stairlifts

A brief history of the stairlifts

January 15, 2021 Off By Fernanda Fuscaldo

Since their invention, stairlifts are referred to as tons of various names. They’ve been referred to as way chair lifts, way lifts, stairs lifts, simply plain chair lifts, handicap stairlifts, and virtually the other variation you’ll imagine.stairlifts bristol are commonplace these days. however, it wasn’t forever this fashion. within the past, they were solely accessible for industrial functions or rich people. as luck would have it for several, stairlifts became a standard mobility device found in homes across the united kingdom.

What is a stairlift?

Stairs are a natural barrier for anyone with a mobility issue. Older adults, folks with injuries, and poor health, all have important problems obtaining up and down the steps. Stairs are often tough to climb and that they are often a dangerous falling hazard.

The stairlift may be a trendy invention that enables those that might have walking difficulties to travel up and downstairs. The invention is kind of common in several homes across the planet and there are some terribly fascinating historical facts concerning the stairlift. Stairlift installations are an innovative and effective method of providing easy help and peace of mind for the family.

Stairs are notably difficult for those that need the utilization of a chair or walker. As a result, vital analysis is being conducted these days to search out higher and simpler stairlift solutions.

History of stairlift

The earliest recorded stair lift was invented for King Henry VIII of England in the mid-1500s. once being lacerate during a jousting incident, he commissioned a “chair throne” to travel up and down the twenty feet of steps at his palatial London home, Whitehall Palace. it’s believed to possess used a block and tackle system from one in all his warships and was operated by workers of servants.

First industrial stairlift

The stairlift has returned a protracted method since ropes and a pulley-block. the primary iteration of the trendy stairlift as we all know it these days was made-up by C.C. Crispen within the Nineteen Twenties.

The invention was referred to as the inclinator and it had been designed to assist his sick friend stand up and down the steps. It had a chair, footstool and used a roller and tracks to manoeuvre up and down. a lot of the initial style components developed by Crispen are still utilized in trendy styles.

Stairlifts in pop culture

Stairlifts have additionally gained infamy in pop culture in an exceedingly comedic manner as well as the 1984 show Gremlins and even an episode of Seinfeld. within the 1984 horror/comedy Gremlins, the title characters dispatch Mrs. Deagle — the film’s Scrooge-like villain — by the change of state together with her support chair, that flies up to her stairs and out the window.

The Modern stairlift

This simple device for transporting folks up and downstairs has become therefore in style, due to the independence it provides, that several firms currently supply a good vary of stairlifts. trendy stairlifts still higher utilize new technology and innovation to boost upon previous styles.

Today, you’ll get support lifts for stair, curved, and even outside staircases. They even have innovative safety options to stop falls and to create transitioning on and off the raise as easy as attainable.


It’s been a protracted journey for stairlifts, from King Henry VIII’s raise to C.C. Crispen’s epitome and into these days. the trendy stairlift is just aiming to get more well-off, additional technologically advanced, and cheaper. it’ll definitely still be a product to stay a watch on because it becomes even additional and additional in style.