Tours and travels: visit Galapagos islands

Tours and travels: visit Galapagos islands

February 1, 2019 Off By Leopoldo Gebhard

Islands of Galapagos are the beautiful places one has to visit in his or her lifetime. Get the chance to plan for at least 10 or 15 days or even more than that according to your convenience and preference to the islands. There are numerous, plenty of sites to visit and the enjoy the beauty of nature. Common, it’s calling, let us have the galapagos islands tours . One such is the Devils crown and it is the site which is a dramatic snorkeling one and it is to the north of the cormorant point. This place so almost submerged completely volcano. There are also tunnels of the lava on the Santa Cruz and they will be providing an understanding and explaining how these islands have been formed. Post office Bay on the Floreana is the place or the home to the tradition which is fascinating and where the barrel has been located and placed there by the people called the whalers long back in the 18 the century and this has been used as the post-box which is unofficial.

The theory of Darwin

Another volcano named as the Sierra Negra is on the Isabela and this has been considered the largest and the biggest basaltic caldera in the whole world and this measures about 9*10 kilometers. Another visitor site is the wall of tears and this also on the Isabela island and this was constructed by the penal colony prisoners in the middle of the 40 s and it is characterized by the prisoner’s punishments and the cruelty by the officials which they had to endure. One more interesting thing here is Darwin’s theory. Darwin had sailed to the islands of Galapagos in the board in the year 1835 and the month of the September and he was only twenty-six by that time. During his time, he spent over there of about five weeks, he collected plants, rocks, birds, and insects ashore.

Darwin has observed the life forms which are unusual and the adaptations of the life forms to the environment which is harsh. He had noted that it is very much possible to differentiate from which island which tortoise has come according to its shell. His research which is well known is of the species which are numerous of the finches which have inspired his theory. This is named as the origin of species and it is published in the year 1959. The age of the islands which is estimated between three to ten million years. These islands are laid on the tectonic plate which is called as the Nasca and these are the primary land mass of the plates.


The heat which is intense is caused by the fact that the plates are being pushed aside or apart which will be leading to the eruptions and will be creating newer volcanoes and will be eventually forming the islands which are new ones. About almost thirteen volcanic eruptions are produced in the last hundred years span of time