Want to know the things to do in Downtown Cabo San Lucas

Want to know the things to do in Downtown Cabo San Lucas

April 1, 2019 Off By Napoleon Delmuro

Cabo San Lucas is a renowned resort city in the Baja California peninsula in Mexico. Many tourists from around the world visit this tourist destination with a desire to enjoy their tourism and get memorable experiences.  They can visit https://caborealestateservices.com  at any time they seek professional guidance from real estate experts. They get prompt assistance and customized services to fulfill real estate related expectations on the whole.

  1. Whale watching

Whale watching season in this city is from mid-December to mid-April. In this season, more than 10,000 whales migrate south for the purpose of breeding grounds located in the Sea of Cortes and Magdalena Bay. Lucky visitors only can occasionally see pilot, fin, sperm and blue whales.

  1. Playa Santa Maria 

All visitors to this lovely horseshoe shaped beach are amazed about a colorful array of marine life and attractive things in the marine sanctuary.  They enjoy dive and snorkel tours.   

  1. ParroquiaSan Lucas Evangelista 

This is one of the oldest buildings in the town and recognized by its historical importance. Notable things in this tourist destination are abandoned cannery and the old lighthouse. Many foreigners visit here to explore the local culture and communicate with residents.

  1. Estero De San Jose Del Cabo

Every visitor to this bird and wildlife Sanctuary can watch hundreds of avian species. They mostly prefer to visit here at the sunrise and sunset. They enjoy watching pelicans, herons, frigate birds, ducks, cactus wrens, coots and sparrow hawks.

  1. Tropic of Cancer Monument

This monument celebrates the northernmost of three important lines of latitude and serves as the centerpiece for a tourist attraction. This monument was built for supporting neighboring communities and showcasing regional artists. Full moon parties in this venue include local arts and crafts, live music and poetry readings.

  1. Playa Chileno

Playa Chileno is the main beach in this area and blue flagged for excellence by the Mexican regulatory agency IMNC due to its services, safety, and water quality. Many residents and tourists visit https://caborealestateservices.com on weekends during the high season.

  1. Art walk San Jose Del Cabo

Fans of art and crafts can prefer the Thursday evening art walk in this city from 5 to 9 p.m. This art walk takes place during the high tourist season from November to June. All participating galleries are clustered in the historic Distrito del Arte in the city. You can visit here to enjoy your free time. You will be happy to interact with top artists and gallery owners, sip wines, wander attractive cobblestone streets and sample cheese.

  1. ParroquiaDe San Jose Del Cabo

Several moves and renovations make this church attractive and outstanding at this time.

  1. Playa El Medano

This place is ground zero for the spring break madness, especially in March. This two-mile-long beach is filled with souvenirs vendors, bars, restaurants, and water-based activities rentals.

  1. Museo De Historia Natural De Cabo San Lucas 

This museum attracts every tourist by its whale skeleton out front and other exclusive things.