Hotspurs in the Hotspot

Hotspurs in the Hotspot

June 23, 2019 Off By Leopoldo Gebhard

If you are a soccer fan or player, this article may be helpful to you. It is special for soccer and Tottenham Hotspur fans. Soccer is widely played the game across the globe, and it surely has a support base all over the world. Soccer is always in media coverage, and there are excitement and hype during international soccer events. It is discussed in hotels, restaurants, and clubs and all over the places. Soccer has a history and is considered the oldest game in human history that is being played today. Its controlling body FIFA is considered to be responsible for setting up rules and conducting the support events.

Tottenham is a famous football club based in London. It has fans all across the world and during season matches you may feel difficulty in getting the tickets. To get manchester united vs liverpool tickets you need to sign up for tickets online and book your ticket. Availability of tickets depends upon season matches. In an international event, you may feel much difficulty in getting tottenhotspur tickets, and you may be forced to watch its matches on TV. But if you are a Tottenham Hotspur supporter and want to be in the playground to encourage your team, then you must get your ticket at the earliest.

Tottenham history

A group of schoolboys formed this club in 1882. The aim was to play football during the winter months. Afterwards, john ripshor was made its first president and treasurer. It was in 1884 that the club gained its current name Tottenham Hotspur football club.its nicknames are spurs and lilywhites. In the beginning phase, these boys played matches between themselves and other clubs. The first recorded match was held between hotspurs and a local club in 1882. It won its first competitive match under London association cup in 1885 and defeated the rivals.

It has fans and supporters in the United Kingdom, especially north London. There has been a decrease in attendance for its matches in recent years. In the 50s Tottenham had the highest attendance during its matches with its rivals. It has a number of official supporter clubs across the world, and Tottenham Hotspur supporters trust is the official representative of Spurs supporters. It has large support from the Jewish community, and its three presidents were from the same community with club support background. It is largely patronized and supports by the Jewish community of north London. Due to this support, there were abusive chants during matches, and its supporters also responded back with chants to rivals.


I have discussed the background history of Tottenham fc. It is a fact that cannot be denied Hotspurs have a fan base and worldwide reach. It has gone through a lot of upheavals during its history. Though formed initially by some schoolboys it has made its place in soccer fans. It has given a number of reputed soccer. Really it has an attraction for those who love soccer. It surely has a reputation and is widely watched by a number of audiences.