The Best legal Supports in Case of Wrongful Deaths

The Best legal Supports in Case of Wrongful Deaths

September 13, 2020 Off By Fernanda Fuscaldo

In the criminal trial, unlike the civil one, there is the obligation of the technical defence which is why if you do not want to make use of the Office Attorney it is necessary to choose and appoint a Criminal Lawyer who provides legal assistance during the process. On what basis do I choose my Criminal Lawyer? The one who knows the Oberheiden Law happens to offer the best solutions.

Right of Defense

The defence is an inviolable right and in criminal proceedings, self-defence is not allowed but technical defence is necessary, i.e. the technical assistance of a criminal lawyer is required. So, let’s see how to choose Criminal Lawyer.

The type of procedure you are undergoing. First of all, before looking for a lawyer, you must have understood what type of procedure you have to face.  There are in fact various types of specializations depending on the type of dispute: there are, for example, administrative, taxes, civil and criminal disputes. Only when there is a criminal proceeding will it be necessary to seek and choose the right Criminal Lawyer for the cause that must be addressed.

So, in summary, if you have to challenge an administrative measure, you will have to look for an administrative lawyer, if you have to separate or divorce, you will have to look for a civil lawyer, if you have committed a crime and you have investigations against you then you will have to look for a criminal lawyer.

Experience and knowledge

Surely to choose a Criminal Lawyer it is necessary to look at his experience in the field, in the Courts, the quality and quantity of processes he has faced. But we must not think automatically and we must not think that the age of a Criminal Lawyer corresponds to his effective and concrete experience. Therefore, instead of relying solely on experience, it is necessary to evaluate the actual knowledge of the criminal lawyer to whom one is addressing. A lawyer may have 50 years of experience in the field but have never faced that legal problem that plagues you.

Legal advice and interview

First, you need to seek legal advice. The interview with the professional and legal advice is essential elements for the choice. Through the interview, it is possible to understand how prepared the Criminal Lawyer is on the subject that concerns you and it is possible to understand if he has experience in the field. During the interview, it is necessary to ask the Criminal Lawyer all the relevant questions, even those that seem inappropriate. It is necessary to provide the Criminal Lawyer with all the information that can help him prepare the right defence.

Trust Lawyer

The essential element underlying the choice of one’s own criminal lawyer is, precisely, trust: the relationship between client and criminal lawyer is a relationship of trust. You need to trust the Criminal Lawyer you have chosen and if you do not like his work, it is right that you change lawyer. The relationship of trust must be mutual: even the Criminal Lawyer must trust you, so you must not hide the facts from him, you must not consider him a stranger but the person who can help you. In fact, even the most hidden secrets can become valid arguments for your defensive strategy.